ICT and eLearning

Welcome to our new cohort of learners who are joining us on the ICT and eLearning blended learning course from 17th March until the 19th May 2014.

A Wordle created from pasting the URL of this blog!

My own wordle based on this blog.

During our induction we will discuss the underpinning pedagogy behind this course based on situative, active and reflective learning and you will have the opportunity to tell us which tools and technologies you wish to explore during your journey. All the learning content is in our ICT and eLearning hub in Moodle.  

All our blog posts will be listed to the right of this blog. Please make sure you read each other’s blogs and try to comment. We are a community of practice (CoP) and by sharing ideas, queries, and our exploratory reflections we can learn a lot from each other.

We will be using Yammer (the social enterprise network) as our communications hub to post news and announcements.

Join Twitter as soon as you can and use our unique hashtag to share resources or news. You can follow us at @Beth_A_Snowden and @geordie_online.

Here are some dates for your diary so you have a clear idea of when you need to write your own posts.

Blog Posts

  1. 17-03-14  – First Post during Induction
  2. 24-03-14  – Blogs, Cops, Reflective Cycles
  3. 07-04-14  – What is Web 2.0?
  4. 21-04-14 – Web 2.0 for Learning and Teaching
  5. 05-05-14 – Pedagogy – Gathering Speed
  6. 12-05-14 – Web 2.0 Potholes

Google+ Hangouts from 8pm

  • Hangout 1: 31-03-14
  • Hangout 2: 12-05-14

I will be exploring Nearpod (a collaborative learning solution) which could also be used for Flipped Learning so I will keep you posted about my own adventures. See if you can find my case study on their site?  Now I have signed up (coerced) 5 other members I am a Gold Member so I am very excited to use this on our TAP Day – Building for Success in Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

Online Tools4Learning

Online Tools4Learning

I have already written a wiki on various tools and technologies that I have explored which you can view at: http://bit.ly/onlinetools4learning  This failed as a “collaborative” space (the essence of a wiki) as there were only a few other contributions from colleagues but nevertheless it helped me to analyse some of the pedagogical and practical affordances of these tools so it has been a useful exercise. If anyone does wish to add their own reflections or critical analysis of any tools they come across I would be delighted to add them.

We hope you enjoy your journey with us and share your experiences, challenges and insights to innovative ways of working, learning and teaching.

To see how communities of practice can be developed and nurtured with learners you can hear a presentation I delivered with my colleague @micholtean at Kirkless College http://bit.ly/NewWays_CoPs 

Let’s explore and remember…

Pacansky-Brock quote

Just signed up with http://quozio.com/ to create this graphic above. It was a doddle. Just sign up, paste in your quote and choose your style. I wish I had known this when I was developing my moodle sites!

Pacansky-Brock, M. (2013) Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies. Routledge.

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