Gin and Tonic anyone?

 Some rights reserved by sunnyUK

Gin and Tonic anyone?

Some rights reserved by sunnyUK

After discussing reciprocity (Preece) and multiplexed affective patterns (Yacci ) I think I need a drink!

The “affective” nature of belonging to an online community is very interesting and Craig and I have been grappling with it especially since Yacci believes that emotions do play an important role in the learner’s perceptions of interactivity.

Whilst reading a Solus report entitled Twitter in Further Education I was struck by their use of metaphor in relation to growing successful online communities by applying the same etiquette you would if you were organising an event. Although the report is focussing on Twitter rather than communities of practice this helps me somewhat in trying to respond to colleagues’ posts.

Poor event: The host is not there to greet guests, there’s no entertainment, no food, not many people turn up and no one knows anyone else…people will probably not be staying for long.

Enjoyable event: The entertainment is excellent, the food is good, all your friends are there… there is a real vibrant atmosphere. People will probably want to hang around and will be regulars at the event.

So I better get my skates on…

By the way, one of our fellow bloggers, Paul McKean, @MoodleMcKean is statistically one of the top tweeters in FE. So if you want to join a fun party online then catch up with Paul on Twitter.

So in the spirit of Web 2.0, anyone for a G & T?

You might need one if we are to discuss multiplexed affective messages and Laurillard’s conversational framework!

Solus (2011) Twitter in Further Education [online] Available at: [Accessed: 21st October 2011]

I must add, that I do allow for differentiation and so if a G&T is not your type of tipple I should be able to provide something else!

3 thoughts on “Gin and Tonic anyone?

  1. Virtual alcohol. Now there’s a thought. I think there are a whole load of virtual event types that sit inbetween enjoyable and poor. I also think there are ways engineer an virtual enjoyable party and make people want to hang around. Our impetous for hanging around is the MSc. What happens when that’s finished? WIll we continue to party ’til the wee small hours? I certainly hope so. Here’s to many more G&Ts. By the way – try amareto and coke. It’s like alcoholic Dr Pepper.

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